February 19, 2014


Peace Park in Hong Kong is dedicated to those who died in WWII.
Dragon statue in Zodiac Park, Kowloon.

 One of the most interesting aspects of our trip to China and Hong Kong was the chance to see how the residents use their parks. All ages took part in activities there, from senior citizens knitting or practicing qigong or tai chi to young adults dancing and playing games. China's parks are well used, and tourists are welcome to enjoy the fresh air and beauty, as well as to join in the fun!

People light candles in the Great Buddha park.

What a polite way to say "Keep off the Grass!" (Happy is the tender grass when here your feet do not trespass!)

Young adults play keep-away in waterside park on Llama Island near Hong Kong.

Tourists join the dance in Beijing.

Hacken sack with a feathered birdie. Looks like fun!

More dancers. Two-step to "Red River Valley."
Water calligraphy. Beautiful and artistic. It disappears when the water dries. A good example of valuing the process, not just the product.

A covered walkway in Beijing's Peoples Park was lined with knitters and people playing Mah Jongg, chess and checkers.

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  1. Love the water calligraphy. I had never heard of it before.