September 28, 2010

The Day Google Disappeared

As usual, I opened my laptop one morning and clicked on Safari, only to discover that the browser bar and Google had disappeared. How to read blogs? How to do research? All right--how to play East of the Web's Cryptoquote for the day? I tried restarting. I tried quitting Safari and re-opening it. I tried sighing and cursing and deeper sighing. I resorted to clicking on "Help" but nothing appeared that remotely touched on the problem.

I've never liked doing business on the phone, being more of a visual learner. I was sure the solution to my problem would be complicated and convoluted--directions I'd never be able to follow by simply hearing them. Finally, as a last resort, I called the Apple Help Desk. From now on, should a computer problem arise, it will be my first resort. The young woman who answered asked me to describe the problem, didn't laugh or snort when I told her what was wrong, and gave me simple, clear directions about how to drag what was missing back onto the toolbar.

So, as with so many mistakes I've made in life, the solution to my computer problem taught me something. I can apply that solution easily should the problem arise again. If only that were true of all my missteps. It would be nice to have a Life Help Desk to turn to in times of trouble, confusion and/or remorse.