May 23, 2011


Last Friday they were predicting 100% chance of thunderstorms from afternoon through the evening. I was scheduled to launch my new book WASATCH SUMMER at our local, wonderful children's bookstore, Reading Reptile. The weather forecast threatened to squash my hopes for a big turnout of friends and family, some of whom would be traveling from distant suburbs. As it turned out, it rained a bit in the early afternoon and then the sun came out and the turnout was terrific!

Two days later, almost to the minute, a violent series of tornadoes hit Joplin, about two hours south of KC. At this point, 116 are dead, at least 30% of the city is flattened, and the photos look like a war zone. All of which makes my worry about a thunderstorm disturbing my little world seem very petty. It also spurs me to do what I can to help--a donation to Heart to Heart and lots of prayers for the victims, those who have lost not just property but loved ones, and for the rescue and medical people who have been working nonstop.