March 6, 2010

Animals of the Mid-East

My brain is much too full at the moment to try to pass along anything intelligible about the temples, tombs, pictographs, and archaelogical sites. So I thought I'd post a short blog about animals I've seen here and there. Cats abound and they all seem to be street cats. We saw no dogs at all in Abu Dhabi and only one designer dog on a leash in Dubai, but both cats and dogs appear in Egypt, along with camels, horses, cows and donkeys, etc. Here are a few photos of the animal life here.

Well, not tonight. Maybe tomorrow when my brain is working better and I can get the photos down to a manageable size.

1 comment:

  1. Good to know that the journey continues snot to disappoint. I shall break the disturbing news about the lack of dogs in the Emirates to Toby and Archie...gently but firmly.