February 20, 2010

Abu Dhabi charms

Somehow I've misplaced most of Thursday in transit from the US to the UAE, but now that I've corrected some strange problems with the Internet and my blog, I'm getting my bearings.

Toto, we're not in Kansas or Missouri any more! We're in Abu Dhabi and it's exciting and different and amazing. Abu Dhabi is a city of 1 1/2 million people from all over the world. About 90% of the population are from other countries, so the streets and stores are rich with a diversity I've seen nowhere else.

Thursday night, we went to a Lebanese restaurant and ate outside. Our table was next to a hedge, and on the other side of the hedge two hungry, big-eyed cats waited in the huge flower pots, hoping for a handout. Tray after tray of meats and vegetables and pita bread, along with bowls of humus, arrived at our table. I slipped scraps of everything to the kitties, who mewed their thanks. A fun introduction to the city and its growing population of stray cats.

Yesterday morning we had breakfast at Jones, an Australian restaurant/grocery and then went to the Saadinyed center to see an art exhibit of Mid-Eastern artists. Nice facility, interesting art in many media--most of it sobering. Plans are in the works for the Louvre and the Guggenheim to join the complex with their own buildings. Frank Gehry designed the Guggenheim addition. Then we went to the Marina Mall to grocery shop and I people-watched while Gerry and Peter did the honors. This mall features an ice-skating rink and a full rainfall over a certain area of the main mall floor. We lingered over coffee hoping to see the rain phenomenon, but it failed to appear.

That night we had dinner at the Presidential Palace Hotel. Luxury, opulence, excellent food. More about that tomorrow. My brain is full!


  1. Hi! Great to keep up with your journey. I read your first post to Mom and gave her the URL for As Is. She will try to get to it on the Grand Court computers since hers is still not on line. I will read them to her until she gets that resolved. Best to all.

  2. You are missing Precious, aren't you??? She is doing well and has a great voice. She uses it daily with me so far. She has claimed the basement for now and Cosmos likes to visit. We are all doing well. Keep writing!