January 5, 2010

Global Warming

This morning, even though it was only 3ยบ out, I went to the YMCA pool for water aerobics. As every conversation does these days, talk among the four of us who showed up for class turned to the weather. The amount of snow and ice plus temperatures below freezing for two weeks led most to agree that the global warming theory is false. It's easy to feel this way when one is homebound by unusually frigid weather and when the past summer in Kansas City was cool and rainy rather than extremely hot and humid.

It's also easy to forget that we're talking about GLOBAL warming, not Missouri warming or US warming. It's been documented that polar bears are losing their icy habitat because of global warming.• That's hard to grasp here in the middle of America. No polar bears around here, although the KC Zoo is due to welcome one in April. Maybe its new habitat will include some education about what's happening to his counterparts in the wild...and how that might eventually affect all of us.


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